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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NADCA and Amistee

A lot of customers think of NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) as "just another association". It seems like every industry has an association to belong to. With the air duct cleaning industry NADCA is "the" association to belong to. Being a member of NADCA shows that you are serious about providing the best possible cleanings for your customers.

In Michigan, and more specifically the Metro Detroit area of Michigan, being a member of NADCA sets you apart from the hundreds of other fly by night air duct cleaning companies.

One of the most important qualifications for being a member of NADCA is that you MUST be state licensed. In Michigan there are a lot of air duct cleaning companies operating without a state license. When choosing a NADCA company you know that you are getting a state licensed company. Amistee Air Duct Cleaning has been state licensed since our very first duct cleaning and never breaking the law.

Secondly you must be fully insured to be a member of the association. For many this is a given that a company coming into your home would be insured but over HALF of the companies performing air duct cleaning in Metro Detroit are either under insured or not even insured at all!! This means that if they are out at your home and break or destroy your property you may be out of luck. Amistee Air Duct cleaning carries a full 2 million dollar policy to protect you and your family.

Thirdly, to be a member of NADCA the company must pass a series of tests to show that they know how to properly clean ductwork. This may seem like a silly thing but to me it is very important. There are many many companies that are not cleaning ductwork the right way but may think that they are. This eliminates that problem for the members of NADCA.
NADCA is an association to advance the air duct cleaning industry. Amistee Air Duct Cleaning was created to provide only the best possible cleanings for our clients.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Duct Cleaning

What makes the fall such a great time to clean air ducts? This is a common question that customers are always asking and the answer is simple. Health and efficiency!!! When you are getting ready to come in from the outdoors and button up your home for the winter months, homeowners should think about what they are breathing.

The fall is also a great time of year to change your furnace filter(s) and start out fresh. The furnace filter will stop and prevent future particulates from flowing into your home but will not help what is already there. Air duct cleaning is effective when done properly. The duct cleaning industry gets a lot of raised eyebrows because everyone has heard of the scary stories where a duct cleaner has taken a homeowners money but not done much.

If you are looking to help your furnace run more efficiently, breath better to help your health, and reduce your cleaning time from less dust, then air duct cleaning is for you. The fall is a great time because you are about to enter a time of year where you will spend more time indoors than any other season.