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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why Worry About IAQ

Amistee Air Duct Cleanings main focus is indoor air quality. Every employee of Amistee strives to improve the IAQ of each customers home or business. Some individuals do not believe that air duct cleaning will help IAQ. This thought is because they have not done the required research before making a decision about air duct cleaning.

When done right air duct cleaning will reduce the amount of dust and debris coming from your heating and cooling system. This is the air you breath. The key words in all of this is done right. Air duct cleaning must be done right to achive any kind of result.

The EPA's biggest health threat today is IAQ because they see the direct relationship between what people breath and their health. The average person takes 5.6 million breaths each year. If you are exposed to bad air then you are pulling in toxins 5.6 million times a year.

60,000 deaths are related to the exposure to particules in the air and 20,000 deaths are related to Radon.

80% of the pollutants that the EPA are worried about are airborne. This means that they are getting transported throughout your air duct system. Can you see the importance of cleaning you air ducts?

Recent studies have shown that indoor air in America is much worse than outdoor air. This constant exposure will damage anyones immune system. Is your family always sick? Who do you know that Amistee can help?


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