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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Best Time Of Year For Duct Cleaning In Michigan

We are often asked if there is a "perfect" time of the year to clean air ducts in Michigan. The answer to this very simple question is that every week of every month is a perfect time to breathe cleaner fresher air. Amistee cleans air ducts 52 weeks out of the year Monday thru Saturday. Of course we go through our busy seasons (fall and spring) but this is only because that is the time of year people are thinking of cleaning their air ducts the most.

In Michigan we have 4 beautiful seasons. A lot of the times our homes are bottled up to keep out the summer heat or block out the winter chill. In doing so we are creating an environment that uses and recycles the same dirty air that we are inhaling.

Sometimes we will have customers say that they would like to wait until it is a bit warmer outside before they clean their air ducts. In Michigan we have a lot of cooler months and this is the most important time to clean your heating and cooling system. This is when you are breathing the same air over and over.

With the energy efficiency act that was passed in the late 1970's homes in Michigan are being built much tighter. We like to tell people to think of a very large plastic bag surrounding your home. There is very little air entering or exiting your home. This air is being recirculated throughout and used over and over with very little fresh air being added to the living environment. The best time of year for duct cleaning in Michigan is every month and most importantly in the very cold or hot months of the year.

Call us today or fill out a "contact us" form on the website. Someone will get back to you to provide you will a price and scheduling information within 24 hours. We provide you with a lot of information and zero hassle in making your decision.


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