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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Amistee Air Duct Cleaning in the Novi News

Amistee keeps heating, cooling ducts clean

JANUARY 7, 2010

Web site: us about your business, including types of services and/or products you feature Amistee is an air duct cleaning company, which settles for nothing less than the absolute best customer service and guaranteed cleanings. We only use the biggest and best vacuum trucks in the industry and stand behind everything that we do. We look to consistently improve our customers' indoor air quality by cleaning roughly 20-30 pounds of dirt and dust out of area homes heating and cooling system.

How did you first decide to open your business?

Mike and I saw the affects of dirty air ducts to family members' health first hand. We saw a very high demand for high quality service and cleanings. We opened up Amistee in January 2005 with all of this in mind.

Why did you choose this area for your business?

With both Mike and I growing up in Livonia, we were very familiar with the I-275 corridor. This corridor can very quickly deliver you to any of the major freeways connecting any service company to all of Metro Detroit. Also, we felt Novi was a great place to find commercial jobs because of all the emerging businesses in the city.

What makes your business unique?

Amistee is truly unique because we do exactly what we say we will do every time. So many times in the service industry homeowners will be told many things that do not come true. Our customers know that when they call upon Amistee to perform their air duct cleanings they will receive the very best cleanings, no questions asked.

How has it changed since you opened?

Since Amistee's founding, customer service and quality has always been number one. We first opened the doors with one large vacuum truck and a loan. Now, five years later, we have a fleet of four giant vacuum trucks to perform residential cleanings, a division for commercial air duct cleaning and a sales team.

Do you have a funny tidbit or story about your experience as a small business owner to share with our readers?

Getting into the air duct cleaning business is not an everyday story. When we first got into the business we did not realize how many interesting things we would find inside of homeowners ductwork. We have found dead squirrels, birds, bats, mice, ground hogs, moles, rats and even frogs. We also found guns, bullets, money, family heirlooms and a lot of change. Don't forget about the builders' cigarettes and pop bottles.

How has the recent economy affected your business?

Business is truly all about strong relationships. Although Michigan has been going through some tough times, Amistee has been growing every year since its inception. With many more families growing concerns about indoor air quality, we can help solve some of their problems.

Any advice for business owners?

If you treat your employees and customers as family, that will get you very far in many different aspects. We never take any shortcuts on jobs because you would not take shortcuts in your family's homes. We would not make any employee do anything that we ourselves would not do. This goes a long way and will gain a certain level of respect within a company.

What's in store for the future of your business?

If we continue to provide a quality air duct cleaning service at affordable pricing, we see a bright future ahead for Amistee.



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